15th-Century Trade Catalogue

Trade Catalogue

Explore the past with our magnificently preserved 15th-century trade-catalogue collection. This 1989 book is casebound with a Buckram hardcover and contains archival heavy-coated paper. Add this book to your library to increase the historical and literary appeal of your home or office.

With 616 black-and-white illustrations and 86 full-color illustrations, our extensive trade catalogue details trade from 1542 to 1842. Throughout these 300 years, mankind made leaps of innovation, and these developments are most aptly demonstrated by studying the trade catalogues of the time.

Along with a history of trade catalogues in general, the book includes references to agricultural equipment, books, flowers, Franklin stoves, furniture, hardware, magic, plants, prints, scientific instruments, textiles, and tools in general. Plus, there is a new biography of the originator of modern trade catalogues, John Wyke.

This collection adapts reprints of five separate catalogues: John Cuff’s 1743; Microscopes, James Sharp’s 1776; Agriculture, the anonymously published 1797; Drawing Instruments, G.W Proctor’s 1815; Opticians, and Wm. & Samuel Butcher’s 1841 28-page trade catalogue detailing around 200 Sheffield woodworking tools in full color.

The entire collection is easily navigated via the bibliography and included index, and the dimensions of the book are 12.5"x 9.5"x 1.2".

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​15th-Century Trade Catalogue