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Horological Wheel Cutting Engines

Horological Wheel Cutting Engines 1700 to 1900 was published in 1970, is 150 pages, and includes 142 illustrations. This work details the use, date, and country of origin of a number of wheel cutting engines, along with a bibliography and index. The dimensions of the book are 9"x 6"x 0.3". 

Horological Shop Tools

Horological Shop Tools 1700 to 1900 was published in 1980, is casebound with a Buckram hardcover, and features 649 pages of archival heavy-coated paper. Approximately 1400 illustration and 21 full-color illustrations are part of this work, which includes reprinted pages of 18th and 19th-century tool plates and five complete reprints of 18th- and 19th-century horological tool catalogues.

These catalogues include photos of surviving 18th and 19th-century tools and detail the use and history of hundreds of these tools. A full bibliography and index is included, and the complete dimensions of the book are 12.5"x 9.5"x 2".

Horological & Other Shop Tools

Horological & Other Shop tools 1700 to 1900, published in 1987, features a Buckram hardcover, archival heavy-coated paper, 388 pages, and approximately 760 illustrations

The included reprints are a 32-page 1855 English hardware catalogue, an 80-plate 1860 Swiss tool and material catalogue, an 1867 Austrian woodworking-tool catalogue (in color), a 48-page 1880 American tool and material catalogue, classification of 18th-century thumb screws for dating tools and instruments, and 30 pages that detail ornamental turning and damas keening equipment.

Index and bibliography are included in this book, which measures 12.5"x 9.5"x 1.2".

Early Lancashire Horological Tools & Their Makers

Published in 1994, this book has a Buckram hardcover, archival coated pages, approximately 300 pages, and 286 illustrations. The piece explains the history of the Lancashire tool industry, the origination and development of the mandrel uprighting tool, and the histories of several Lancashire toolmakers, including the Joneses, the Leylands, and Daniel Septhon.

Also included are a full-sized reprint of the circa 1774 Liverpool 19-plate horological tool catalogue with three successive price lists by Daniel Mather. Many photographs and tools used were previously unpublished but appear in the Prescot Watch Museum and BHI. The dimensions of the books is 9" x 12".

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