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Trade Catalogues 1542 to 1842

Published 1989.

Buckram hard cover casebound, archival heavy coated paper, 404
pages, 86 full color and 616 black and white illustrations. History of trade catalogs, covering furniture, magic, textiles, scientific
instruments, books, prints, hardware, agricultural equipment and tools, flowers nd plants, Franklin stoves, etc. Extensive New biography of John Wyke, originator of the modern trade catalog in the 1750s. Reprints of five catalogs; John Cuff 17 43 Microscopes; James Sharp 1776 Agriculture; offering many types pf farming equipment and wagons; Anon. 1797 Drawing instruments; G. & W. Proctor 1815 Opticians, showing all manner of optical instruments; and Wm. & Samuel Butcher's 28 page 1841 catalog with some 200 Sheffield woodworking tools in beautiful full color. Bibliography and Index. (-12.5"x 9.5"x 1.2")

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An Eighteenth Century English Brass Hardware Catalogue

Published 1994.

Buckram hard cover, case bound, archival heavy coated paper,
Twelve-page introduction to early brass hardware catalogs,
11 illustrations and an approximately full-size reprint of the 125
catalog plates of a circa 1770 English brass hardware catalog shelved at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Bibliography and Index. (-12.5"x 9.5"x 0.6”)

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Four Horology Books 1700 - 1900

Horology Movies
Trade Catalogues - 1542 to 1842
Brass Hardware Catalogue - 1770
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Horological Wheel Cutting Engines 1700 to 1900

Published 1970.

Soft Covers, 150 pages, 142 illustrations of wheel cutting, engines, identifying country of origin, date, and use.
Bibliography and Index. (-9"x 6"x 0.3")"

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Horological Shop Tools 1700 to 1900

Published 1980.

Buckram hard cover, case bound, archival heavy coated
paper, 694 pages, approximately 1400 illustrations, 21 in full color. Contains many reprint pages of 18th
-19th-century tool plates, five complete reprints of 18th
-19th century horological tool catalogs, photos of surviving 18th
-19th-century tools explains use and history of hundreds of such tools. Bibliography and Index. (-12.5"x 9.5"x 2")

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Horological & Other Shop Tools 1700 to 1900

Published 1987
Buckram hard cover. casebound, archival heavy coated paper, 388 pages, approximately 760 illustrations, many in color; reprints of 32 page 1855 English hardware catalogue; 80 plate 1860 Swiss tool and material catalogue; 1867 Austrian woodworking tool catalogue in color; 48 page 1880 American tool and material catalogue; classification of 18th century thumb screws for dating tools and instruments; 30 pages
of ornamental turning and damas keening equipment. Bibliography and Index. (-12.5"x 9.5"x 1.2")

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Early Lancashire Horological Tools & Their Makers

Published 1994

9" x 12". Buckram hard cover, case bound, archival heavy coated paper, approximately 300 pages, 286 illustrations. History of the Lancashire tool industry; origination and development of the
mandrel uprighting tool; the approximate full-size reprint of the circa
1775 Daniel Mather, Liverpool, a 19 plate horological tool catalog with
three successive price lists, therefore; histories of Lancashire tool makers including the Joneses, Leylands, Daniel Septhon, and others. Many previously unpublished photographs of unusual horological tools, some in the Prescot Watch Museum and BHI.

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